Cooking Up Memories…

Have you ever walked down a street or past a café when suddenly a smell engulfs you and transports you back in time? Maybe into your granny’s kitchen as she made rhubarb crumble or fruit loaf on a warm summer’s day? Or into your Dad’s greenhouse, filled with tomatoes and strawberries?

Memories sometimes have a way of escaping us as we get older, but if memories are attached to a smell, we have a much better recollection of these memories. Something as simple as a rhubarb crumble will be enough to take you back to your childhood and happier times.

During lockdown, we have had two of our volunteers baking to help keep up the spirits of the older generations who find themselves shielding during this pandemic. For many of them, they live alone and family may live miles away. For some, the only people they see in a week is the Team CASS volunteers.

That’s why we have been delivering home baking every Friday to the older people in our communities. During this time, it’s important to get people to think of happier times to keep their spirits up. It’s hard enough staying at home for those of us not shielding, so imagine having to spend another 6 weeks at home. It is having a detrimental impact on our older people and whilst we want them to stay safe, we also want to help take care of their mental health too.

This home baking is a lovely weekly treat for them, but it’s much more than that. We hope that it makes them think back to years gone by. To the times they spend with their grandparents, learning to bake. Or the picnics they went on with their family, playing games and having fun. We hope these memories help them through the next 6 weeks of shielding and keep them going on their bad days.

We’re so very grateful for Shire Housing whose donation has allowed us to keep going with our weekly home baking for those older people across our communities here in East Ayrshire. We also couldn’t do any of this without our volunteer bakers, Anne and Nancy. They’ve been extremely busy each week making lots of tasty goodies! We can’t thank them enough for giving up their time during lockdown to bake for us each week.

Please, check on your older neighbours. Give them a phone. Let them know you’re there if they need you – even if it’s just for a wee 10-minute chat on the phone or over the fence.

Keep an eye on our social media to see the home-baked goodies we have going out each week!